My Journey on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook

I've started this journey of sharing activities, sorts, flashcards, and other teaching materials on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook. It was a rough start at first. I started by looking at some of the creations that teachers were making, thinking how am I going to afford all of the things that make the worksheets and activities look so creative.  I began doing research to find free sources to create these materials that I can share with other teachers, and most of the free clip art, shapes, and frames I found on my word processing software were frankly corny. Those aren't the kind of things I'm attracted to and I don't think they're that attractive to children. I felt frustrated.

So I started with my first question. Where do I find clip art... and on a teacher's salary? So I did my research. I came across a fabulous high quality website that had wonderful clip art and for free! Most importantly she created her website for educators like myself. My Cute Graphics ( has high quality free clip art that you can use to create teaching materials and for profit if you choose. The only stipulation is that you give a link to her website (which is not asking a lot at all).

Then I looked at the fonts that came with my word processing software and knew that I needed more. The best site I found was ( . This site has numerous fonts that you can download for your creative projects. I also did a search on teacher pay teachers and there were several high quality fonts that you can use on profit and non-profit items on teachers pay teachers.

Finally I began looking for backgrounds, borders, and frames.  I found some great ones on My Cute Graphics for free. I also did a search on teachers pay teachers and found numerous frames there too.

Getting started on making teaching materials is going to be a journey for me. I'm just getting started, but I am excited to document my process.