New Clip Art & Font Finds!

Clip Art, Frames, Fonts, and More!

 If you're new to Teachers Pay Teachers, like me (just a month now), you struggle to find clip art to use. You may be somewhat hesitant on purchasing clip art until you earn some money. Well, here are a few additional sites that I found that have royalty free clip art and at no cost!

WP Clip Art

There are over 45,000 quality clip art pieces to take advantage of! There are no annoying ads that make you click away to another page to sign up for additional clip art. All of the clip art is right on the page. Take a peek at WP Clipart at!

Open Clip Art

One of the resources I found where you can find copyright-free clip art and edit it online is Open Clip Art I love the site. You are not bombarded with all kind of ads that redirect you to page after page. Instead you choose your clip art, you download it and edit it on your software or program, or you can edit it right there online. There are several cute doodle drawings of kids, which I love. I was able to add clothing and bodies to the characters and make them my own. 

Flaming Text

Another great website I found  was Flaming Text ImageBot . You can create you own digital frames or use sticker frames and then taylor them to your needs. They also have an array of kids clip art, facial features, and so much more. 

Flaming Text also has a cool logo creator for adding eye-catching text to your teacher creations.  There is a monthly fee for commercial use, however,  it is free if you are using the logo for academic purposes. Check it out at